Reasonable fees

OUR mission

We strongly believe in Cardano eco system and PoS blockhain model. Building and maintaining our own pool is a long-term commitment to ensure network security and capacity. We do not plan to raise variable fee till at least 2024.

Dedicated server infrastructure

As part of the future-proofing, all nodes are deployed on dedicated servers on a modern hardware with vast CPU/RAM resources ensuring stability and high performance (even though it's underutilized at the moment). Seasoned IT/Network professionals manage all nodes, leveraging years of experience in managing 24/7/365 systems.

Security & Uptime

Our goal is to  get as close to 100% uptime as possible, custom tweaked monitoring tools, disaster recovery plans and regular audit. All colds keys are on air-gapped full-disk encrypted machines. Backups are stored on FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified devices with some additional encryption layers. Uptime & current status information is available publicly (status page). 

Latest info:

Pool ID : 578c2387f08fc7a9e17a72bd50dd48af0f1603b2412c98fcbfffbca4